Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Hi folks,
Just wanted to let everyone know that your kind words, glowing reviews and support truly touch me - as well as your eagerness to find out "what happens next?" I am on vacation now and putting in about twelve hours a day on Love and Sacrifice, which is in the final editing process.
Unfortunately, the whole project got knocked back when I got sick and was pretty worthless to write for about six weeks. One of those sinus infections that involved the fifth cranial nerve, which is a whole new world of pain. Something I've never had before and gawdelpme, hope I never have again. The sawbones finally found an antibiotic that would work. Took three go-rounds. Antibiotic resistant bacteria IS a reality.
So I'm not going to give a particular date, as I already feel that I've let the team down with the delay, but I've got until the end of this week to devote a LOT of time to the book. I also need to get a cover lined up, but right now, that manuscript is paramount.
I could rush it along, but I don't want to fling out a sequel that isn't equal to Weaving Man. I've lived some ten years with these characters and I would hate to sell them - and you - short!
So here we go. If only I could figure out a way to do this full time! Day jobs do get in the way.
As someone dear to me used to say, "Further reports as events warrant!" I'll have a book to you soon.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

An Update and an Answer to a Question

Hello! I realized that it's been quite a while since I posted here and didn't want to let things fall completely by the wayside. Unfortunately, I'm in Week 4 of a terrible sinus infection - the third I've had in my lifetime. Anyone who suffers from chronic sinus problems - I take my hat off to you and empathize so much with your grief. The recent medical trend for not prescribing antibiotics backfired in my case - I started out with a viral infection, but it segued to a bacterial one which has called for the heavy artillery. I've been one sick chick. Never taken so much sick time from my day job since I had an emergency gall bladder removal.

Sadly, my writing schedule has fallen way behind and this, my first weekend in a month where I've felt relatively human, is being devoted to moving forward with Love and Sacrifice and clearing some of the wreckage that occurs when you don't pick up the house for God knows how long!

I'm still hoping for a late April release of Love and Sacrifice. It was largely finished, but I go through an exhaustive editing process that sometimes requires rewriting of entire portions of the book. To be honest, I never want to read Weaving Man again! I must have read it over a hundred times during the final editing - and believe it or not, after I did so, I found a screamer on the third page as soon as I punched the "publish" button - a terrible grammatical error that made me turn red in embarrassment. Part of the editing process involves reading the material aloud - you can find really cringeworthy phrases and errors that you would never notice by reading it silently.

It's a good thing I live alone (well, I do share the house with a big red pitbull named Waldo), particularly when the reading aloud begins. Especially when I start doing the voices, including any who speak with an accent (Borsen.)

A question I've been asked a few times might need an answer, so here goes.

Question: Why did you leave sex scenes out of Weaving Man?

Answer: This was a deliberate decision. When my ex-husband and I were collaborating on the original storyline, we discussed this and decided that, as the novel was written in something of a Victorian/Edwardian style and would also reflect the morals and outlook of of the characters, that leaving actual sex acts up to the imagination of the reader would be most appropriate.

We aren't prudes - but our society is so inundated with sexual imagery that we didn't feel that we needed to add to the array. My intent with the Eirdon books was to explore the minds and relationships of the characters, who are in an unusual and often dangerous and heartbreaking situation. They are bound by duty, honor, morals and many of them sacrifice a great deal of themselves for a higher cause. Of course they fall in love and express that love with one another - but do we really need to peer into their bedrooms? Do we need to know who did what, how, how long and in what positions?

You can find graphic descriptions of sex acts in so many books, to say nothing of on millions of sites online, in movies, in all forms of media. Weaving Man didn't need it to tell the story. So we didn't put it in. The imagination can far surpass any description I could write of people having sex!

So that's the thought for the day, for what it's worth. And just to give you a little glimpse at my very attractive housemate, I'm going to put in a picture of the Wonderful Waldo, my adorable and slightly insane rescued pitbull. He's a seven year old red-fella with a gammy leg and a very highly attuned sense of humor, who tolerates my reading chapters of the book aloud while he's trying to sleep!

Waldo, aka Walderino, Waldingus, The Wonderful Waldoni, etc.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Special on Weaving Man - $0.99 for the Kindle Edition on

I am running a special on the Kindle Edition of Weaving Man, available on - it is available for $0.99 until midnight, March 18, 2017.

 If you borrowed it through Kindle Unlimited or Kindle Online Lending Library, this is a great chance to pick up a copy to keep! Know someone who would love it? Why not surprise them with a gift?

Click here to go to's Weaving Man page.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Sequel News!

Love the book and can't wait for the next one 
- Kathryn L. Gauny, February 3, 2017

really enjoyed this book and am anticipating the sequel
The writing is excellent, and the story is well crafted. It held my attention throughout. I recommend this.
 - Lauren G, January 10, 2017

Loved this book!
Can't wait for the next in series!
- Robin Smith-DeBrayon, January 26, 2017

I just wanted to dedicate a post to the next book in the series, as these reviews and quite a few more focus on readers’ anticipation of the sequel to Weaving Man.

Weaving Man is the first book in a four volume series that focuses on the lives of Menders, Katrin, Hemmett, Borsen and the other characters who have caught readers' imaginations. 

The next book is titled Love and Sacrifice, and picks up where Weaving Man ends. It will be followed by the third book, Eirdon and the final book in the story arc, The Light At The Top Of The World.

I am on a schedule to release Love and Sacrifice during April, 2017. So far, things are going well. I'm coming out of a very busy time at my day job, and can afford a little time off, so I don’t anticipate delays.

And now, back to the keyboard!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

For A While...

For a while, Weaving Man was outselling Stephen King on the SciFi/Fantasy Epic Bestseller List on

I'm sure Mr. King didn't lose any sleep or spend any time weeping on anyone's neck, but it was a bit of a rush for a while!

Such is the life of a new, indy author! Many thanks to all who have bought Weaving Man or read Kindle Unlimited/Kindle Online Lending Library copies!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

New Cover!

I'm trying Weaving Man with a new cover. Much as I liked the original one, it tended to come across as a spot of grey on Amazon pages listing multiple books. So with some much appreciated help from a friend, Weaving Man has had a facelift.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New Amazon review - Five Stars!

It's early days, so I can hardly be world-weary about a review - particularly a good one! Here's a quote from a lovely review Weaving Man received today on its Amazon page:

"This is a book with plenty of conflict and action, but I especially love it because it is driven primarily by a large cast of realistic, well rounded and often flawed characters who are by and large, quite likeable. The characters who have overcome dark histories or bad or difficult decisions they've had to make, do so with ragged edges remaining. I'm very drawn to this sophistication in writing.
That said, the book is just downright fun to read from first to last."

                                                                                             by "Painter" 

And I also thank this reviewer for a couple of comments on perceived problems with the story - and will certainly go and check. No matter how many times you proof and edit, there is the possibility of an error- and I sure don't mind when someone says "hey, is this a mistake?"

"A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold..."
All in all, a great day. If you're a reader, one of the nicest thing you can do for an author is to review their book on Amazon or other sources.