Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Hi folks,
Just wanted to let everyone know that your kind words, glowing reviews and support truly touch me - as well as your eagerness to find out "what happens next?" I am on vacation now and putting in about twelve hours a day on Love and Sacrifice, which is in the final editing process.
Unfortunately, the whole project got knocked back when I got sick and was pretty worthless to write for about six weeks. One of those sinus infections that involved the fifth cranial nerve, which is a whole new world of pain. Something I've never had before and gawdelpme, hope I never have again. The sawbones finally found an antibiotic that would work. Took three go-rounds. Antibiotic resistant bacteria IS a reality.
So I'm not going to give a particular date, as I already feel that I've let the team down with the delay, but I've got until the end of this week to devote a LOT of time to the book. I also need to get a cover lined up, but right now, that manuscript is paramount.
I could rush it along, but I don't want to fling out a sequel that isn't equal to Weaving Man. I've lived some ten years with these characters and I would hate to sell them - and you - short!
So here we go. If only I could figure out a way to do this full time! Day jobs do get in the way.
As someone dear to me used to say, "Further reports as events warrant!" I'll have a book to you soon.