Saturday, November 26, 2016

"So... it has begun... again."

And so Tharan-Tul, Great Shaman of the nomadic Thrun of the planet Eirdon opens the journey to that world. He is speaking of a prophecy, where three children are born who will have the potential to change the endless warfare on Eirdon to peace - if and only if they, unaware of their power to change history, make the right choices and sacrifices throughout their lives.

This constellation of three potential saviors has occurred may times during Eirdon's troubled and violent history - but never have the right choices and sacrifices been made. As the Thrun say, "the circle has yet to turn."

Weaving Man is the first of the Eirdon books, and has just been published.

Weaving Man cover art

On a midwinter night on the planet Eirdon, a young man who is the greatest assassin of his time is summoned to the Royal Palace of Erdahn. He expects to be rewarded for completing a difficult and dangerous mission that has ensured the future security of his country, Mordania.

Instead, he is given a newborn baby princess, second in line to the throne of Mordania. By the orders of the Queen, he is sent to a distant royal estate to raise her according to the severe and pitiless standards of the Royal House.

The Queen didn’t count on a man who would defy a Royal Command.

Or did she?

I've been working on The Prophecy Series for some years now and am tickled that I finally have the first volume, Weaving Man, in print and available as a Kindle e-book. It's been a long, unexpected journey since the day my then-husband, Brian Ford, asked me to read over the first pages of a short story he had written. I was intrigued with the story, and we talked quite a bit about how he could develop it. One of the characters, a butler named Menders, caught my imagination. In discussing how the story could be deepened and developed, I postulated a character for Menders beyond the butler role.

As I began to weave the story of a young assassin being given a newborn princess to raise in obscurity, sketching in the background that made Menders the choice for this mission, Brian suddenly said "you should write a book, Menders, The Early Years".

Seeing a four book story arc in your head in a split second is quite an experience, I can tell you - but that is what happened. I saw a story of love, courage, sacrifice and danger, spanning generations, in a flash - and began to write.

Life has taken many unexpected turns since that moment, including a move across the world, starting life over in my fifties and having day jobs. Sometimes writing has taken a back burner, though inspiration raged - or inspiration went on a holiday, though I had time to write. I never let that stop me - if inspiration was absent, editing was done. If inspiration burned, I wrote and re-wrote the story my mind until I had time to transfer my mental "movie" to the page. 

And now, after more years than I like to consider, Weaving Man has come to be. The characters are here for readers to love or hate or anything in-between. The story is here to intrigue, to amuse, to provoke thought, to inspire.

Weaving Man is available on at Weaving Man by Tove Foss Ford. It is available as an e-book as well as in print. It is free if you are a member of Kindle Unlimited or you may borrow it from the Kindle Lending Library if you are an Amazon Prime member.

If you read it, please leave a review on Amazon!

Weaving Man will be closely followed by the next book in The Prophecy Series, Love and Sacrifice.


  1. I remember the moment exactly. Sunday morning over breakfast at the house on Fourth Avenue. You asked about back story and I said I hadn't a clue, has never thought about it. But the minute I said "Menders, the early years" your eyes lit up and there was an audible "clang" as your thoughts kicked in. I think you drafted about 100 pages that very day. And the rest as they say, is now history.

    1. It is a moment I'll never forget either. It was a flash of pure inspiration so intense that it was almost unbearable. I'm very thankful for that moment.

  2. Great book. Can't wait for the next. Wonderful cast of characters.

  3. I am SO looking forward to your next book. The characters that you have spun up are incredible and it became a book that I couldn't put down.

  4. When will the book be released in hoping soon. I love your books, I've read hundreds of books, and don't think I've looked forward to a book more.

    1. Hi Donna,
      I'm sorry, I didn't see your comment before. I am hoping for a release of Eirdon, Book Three of the Prophecy Series this winter. You can follow the books on Facebook at, where I'm a little better at updating. There is also a website for Eirdon Books at