Saturday, December 31, 2016

Weaving Man

How do you say...

I've had a few questions about the pronunciation of the names in Weaving Man. I thought I'd put together a short glossary here, combined with a bit of a Who's Who.

Place Names

Eirdon - EAR-dun - the planet, plagued by constant warfare and threatened by a rapidly advancing industrial revolution. Eirdon is where everything happens in the Prophecy Series.

Mordania - more-DANE-ee-uh - an enormous country on Eirdon, landmass approximately the same as Eurasia on Earth, home of the oldest civilization on Eirdon.

Erdahn - ER-dun - capital city of Mordania and oldest city on Eirdon.

Erdstrom - ERD-strum - nearest city to The Shadows.

Leptham - LEPT-hum - seaside resort city on the southern coast of Mordania.

People at The Shadows

Aylam Josirus - AY-lum joe-SIGH-rus - Menders' given names, unused since his childhood except by a very few.

Eiren Spaltz - EAR-ren SPAWLTS - farmer's daughter at The Shadows.

Kaymar Schvalz - KAY-mar SHVAHLZ - Menders' cousin, retired assassin.

Ifor Trantz - EE-for TRAHNTS - Menders' spy networks' "brain".

Rainer Franz - RINE-er FRANZ - Katrin's personal physician and estate doctor for The

Katrin Morghenna - KAT-rin mor-GEN-ah - Princess of Mordania, second in line to the Throne.

Borsen - BORE-sun - A City Thrun boy who becomes the tailor's apprentice at The Shadows.

Hemmett Greinholz - HEM-mit GRINE-holes - son of Katrin's guard.

Lucen Greinholz - LOO-sin GRINE-holes - Katrin's guard.

Zelia Greinholz - ZEEL-ya GRINE-holes - Lucen's wife, Hemmett's mother.

Ermina Trottenheim - er-MEEN-uh TROT-in-hime - Katrin's first wet nurse.

Lorein Spartz - LORE-ine SPARTS - daughter of Lady Spartz whose estate borders The Shadows.

People Elsewhere

Tharak Karak a'a' Thrun - THAH-rock KAH-rock-ah-ah-THRUN - Highest Chieftain of the Thrun, a nomadic and mystical tribal people.

Gladdas Dalmanthea - GLAD-is dal-MAN-thee-uh - Eirdon's only freelance female assassin and spy.

Morshall Komroff - MORE-shull KAHM-roff - Commandant of the Mordanian Military Academy.

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