Saturday, January 7, 2017

New Cover!

I'm trying Weaving Man with a new cover. Much as I liked the original one, it tended to come across as a spot of grey on Amazon pages listing multiple books. So with some much appreciated help from a friend, Weaving Man has had a facelift.

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  1. At a book club meeting this Saturday, we were discussing the latter half of Weaving Man and one of the topics that popped up as we were nearing the end of the meeting was as follows: who is this on the cover? Some thought it was Menders, but he has long hair. Others of us thought maybe Franz, but then some thought it was just a man. So, who is it? P.S. We all LOVED the book. Me, being the youngest of the club at 18, and the oldest being 68 years old. All alike, we fell in love with each and every character and page and we are all reading the sequel now!