Saturday, December 31, 2016

Weaving Man

How do you say...

I've had a few questions about the pronunciation of the names in Weaving Man. I thought I'd put together a short glossary here, combined with a bit of a Who's Who.

Place Names

Eirdon - EAR-dun - the planet, plagued by constant warfare and threatened by a rapidly advancing industrial revolution. Eirdon is where everything happens in the Prophecy Series.

Mordania - more-DANE-ee-uh - an enormous country on Eirdon, landmass approximately the same as Eurasia on Earth, home of the oldest civilization on Eirdon.

Erdahn - ER-dun - capital city of Mordania and oldest city on Eirdon.

Erdstrom - ERD-strum - nearest city to The Shadows.

Leptham - LEPT-hum - seaside resort city on the southern coast of Mordania.

People at The Shadows

Aylam Josirus - AY-lum joe-SIGH-rus - Menders' given names, unused since his childhood except by a very few.

Eiren Spaltz - EAR-ren SPAWLTS - farmer's daughter at The Shadows.

Kaymar Schvalz - KAY-mar SHVAHLZ - Menders' cousin, retired assassin.

Ifor Trantz - EE-for TRAHNTS - Menders' spy networks' "brain".

Rainer Franz - RINE-er FRANZ - Katrin's personal physician and estate doctor for The

Friday, December 16, 2016

Weaving Man Preview



 The wind lifted whispering voices from the Sea of Grass, the great plain that stretched across the hillocks and shallow valleys of northern Mordania.
            Tharan-Tul, Great Shaman of the nomadic Thrun, crouched with his back to a roaring fire, watching the night sky revolve above Eirdon. His gnarled, large knuckled hand gripped his wooden staff. The wind tugged at his long hair and the folds of his heavy, embroidered robe. The fire flared behind him.
            He had watched many nights now. As Shaman, he read the sigils and interpreted the circles that were woven through all life on Eirdon.
            Toward the east, two stars rose and began to climb. Then, finally, a third star equally as bright as the pair crested the horizon and began to ascend the great dome of the sky into the gathering of stars called The Weaver, glowing with diamond brilliance against the deep velvet night.
            It was the conjunction of three planets, as Tharan-Tul had expected.
            He smiled knowingly, and nodded to himself.
            “So,” he said to the soft voices whispering from the grass. “So… it has begun... again.”

Chapter 1 


             He had many names.
           Aylam Josirus, Lord Stettan, The Surelian Solution, who used his dead mother’s tribal name - Menders - as his sole identity, stood alone outside the door of the royal birthing chamber in the Great Palace of Mordania. With the exception of two guards blending into the shadows cast by flickering gaslights, the only other person in the corridor was a sharp-faced young woman. She was visibly sulking.
Menders ignored her. He had no interest in anyone else’s despair.
Menders had been commanded to Court that morning when an official summons arrived for him at the home of Commandant Komroff, headmaster of the Mordanian Military Academy. He’d returned to the capital city, Erdahn, the previous night from an in-depth and extremely dangerous covert mission in Surelia.
This mission had taken him two years to complete and had resulted in the elimination of a threat to Mordania that had become known as “The Surelian Problem”.  Menders’ success had required the sacrifice of the last years of his teens and a romance that would have ripened to marriage. He had arrived at Court expecting to be rewarded with the position of Court Assassin. At the age of twenty, he was considered the greatest assassin who ever lived.
            Instead, he had been made guardian of the Queen’s second child, which she was laboring to bring forth at that moment. Not even the Heiress, but “the spare”, whose impending birth had never been announced.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

"So... it has begun... again."

And so Tharan-Tul, Great Shaman of the nomadic Thrun of the planet Eirdon opens the journey to that world. He is speaking of a prophecy, where three children are born who will have the potential to change the endless warfare on Eirdon to peace - if and only if they, unaware of their power to change history, make the right choices and sacrifices throughout their lives.

This constellation of three potential saviors has occurred may times during Eirdon's troubled and violent history - but never have the right choices and sacrifices been made. As the Thrun say, "the circle has yet to turn."

Weaving Man is the first of the Eirdon books, and has just been published.

Weaving Man cover art

On a midwinter night on the planet Eirdon, a young man who is the greatest assassin of his time is summoned to the Royal Palace of Erdahn. He expects to be rewarded for completing a difficult and dangerous mission that has ensured the future security of his country, Mordania.

Instead, he is given a newborn baby princess, second in line to the throne of Mordania. By the orders of the Queen, he is sent to a distant royal estate to raise her according to the severe and pitiless standards of the Royal House.

The Queen didn’t count on a man who would defy a Royal Command.

Or did she?